‘Indian state is afraid of strong women’: Activist Safoora Zargar – Nearly a year after she was charged under a stringent anti-terror law and jailed for weeks despite being pregnant, Zargar shares her ordeal in prison.

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> Whenever a woman speaks up, it doesn’t matter what she says. What she is wearing, how she’s looking, is she fat, is she thin, whether she’s divorced, married, or single, how many times she’s having sex in a week, how many kids she’s having, how much of lipstick she’s wearing – this is all that people can see.


Will never forget a story that went relatively viral a few years ago. A young woman in India who went to the movies with a friend was forcefully dragged into a van, then gang raped, mutilated and brutally murdered. She had been studying to become a doctor. Her parents were very poor but gave up what they had to support her career, she was about to graduate. I remember what the attorney for one of the rapists said, that women were “fragile, delicate flowers”, and that it was her fault that she was abused, because no respectable woman would go outside at night, that his client wasn’t guilty of anything bad. The knowledge that this case was just a SINGLE one that got attention from the media, but that this happens everyday and is systematically ignored (and supported) by the Indian state, and in many places all over the globe, is disgusting beyond measure.


It’s not just the state: >[The Policewoman] said they were saying all kinds of things on social media, including that I wasn’t married, that I used to go to Shaheen Bagh and got pregnant there. They have a woman hating problem in the country.


> I had made up my mind that I could have a miscarriage at any moment. Every time I had to go to the washroom, I would dread it. I would think: ‘It’s happening, it’s happening.’ My heart wouldn’t beat normally, I was able to hear my heartbeat. I kept thinking something was going to go wrong. I hadn’t taken so much care even during my first trimester. So I was all the more stressed about that. Things are bad here. Almost everyone speaking up is under constant fear of being attacked or arrested under some ~~frivolous~~ fraudulent charge.


So her son is basically Bane from Batman, right?