Iranian tanker spilled oil in Israeli waters, leading journal confirms

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> Lloyd’s List Intelligence vessel-tracking data confirmed last week that a tanker called Emerald was responsible for the spill, while it was carrying 90,000 tons of crude oil from Iran to Syria…. The London-based Lloyd’s list has published shipping news since 1734, making it one of the world’s longest-running journals, and includes information and analysis about the shipping industry. They devastated all of the beaches from Israel to Lebanon and killed at least one whale and lots of other wildlife. Whether it was deliberate or just negligence, this is incredibly fucked up.


I’m so tired of hearing about avoidable oil spills.


Potentially fucking over your own proxies in Lebanon and Syria to own the Js


Man I’m Israeli and even I thought our accusation that Iran did this on purpose was just mudslinging but holy shit this is fucked up.


“An Iranian tanker deliberately spilled oil into Israel’s economic waters, said Lloyd’s List, a leading international shipping journal, confirming much of Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel’s description of the events leading up to last month’s oil spill in the Mediterranean Sea.”