Japanese researchers invent customizable, 3D-printed drug tablets that meet patients’ unique needs, overcoming many limitations associated with mass-produced medications.

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Except Singapore isn’t in Japan……


Huh, no they didn’t. This technology has been available for years. I saw presentations about this from a vendor that pioneered the technology years ago, personally. There are some limitations, but it is very exciting.


This would help immensely for people tapering off their medications.


Sounds super cool until you realize that it will be nearly impossible to get through regulation (mass tolerance, contaminants) and it will be insanely expensive. Pill machines run at crazy high speeds, 3d printers are about the worst competitor you could ever imagine. There is a reason why 3d printers don’t (and will never)brun the world. They are slow,not by technological limitation, but by the fact that they can only dispense a small amount of material at a time


Using an fdm printer seems so… inefficient.