‘Justice League’ Surprises Some HBO Max Subscribers with Accidental Debut – The anticipated four-hour cut from director Zack Snyder plays for some users who attempt to access ‘Tom & Jerry.’

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Damn it. All I got when trying to watch Tom and Jerry was regret from watching a movie with so little Tom and Jerry.


Remember when HBO “accidentally” leaked episodes of Game of Thrones? And “accidentally” always the next episode got leaked? Not the full season, not in random order, exactly what was next and only that. Yea the movie is crap.


You know what this means of course… Release the NC-17 Zack Snyder cut of Tom & Jerry!


Four hours, I liked justice league, but a four-hour cut sounds like it will probably be a meandering mess.


If this cut has the same awful cgi, one and a half hours of added footage won’t do much to save it.