Looks like US small-cap value might be back in business

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AVUV has done even better, great SCV fund IMO. The Avantis folks are at the top of their game. YTD: * AVUV +25.21% * SLYV +23.27% * ARKK -5.96% The above is probably going to be even more tilted in SCV favor after today. As is tradition, retail investors jump into the hot new thing after it has already outperformed, and ignore the hated asset classes that go on to actually outperform.


Russel 2000 outperforming sp 500 last 5 year, fun fact most outperforming $ came after summer of 2020, you had to stick with underperforming asset for 4.5 years for it to work out. The biggest issue with tilts is your own behavior during underperformance , if you not sure you can stick to money loosing strategy for years don’t tilt and just buy broad index , that’s what I do


My 401k is almost exclusively small-cap value. yolo retirement play from 24 y/o


The value portion has only been outperforming for the past month or so (check against SLY or SP600 index), mostly due to expectation of increasing inflation*/steepening yield curve. The size piece has been carrying it since ~October; not totally sure why, but my guess is small-caps on the whole were quite beaten down by COVID, and were probably more sensitive to the vaccine news.


High beta and small caps do well at the start of a cycle. This is a ‘everyone was on one side of the boat’ situation (large cap high momentum growthy tech). Oil and interest rates shot up helping energy and financials, both high beta cyclicals.