LPT: Don’t believe everything that’s written into a contract, on a sign, or “company policy” is legal. Many things are put there to convince people not to even try. Get legal advice before assuming you actually don’t have a right.

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My favorite: Employees shall not discuss salaries, bonuses, or other compensation with anyone except their manager and HR.


I always loved those school field trips permission slips that said you sign away liability for your child … hahaha wtf. They can’t make you do that. You can’t “sign away” their liability for your kid. I always signed because he always wanted to go, and because I knew if anything happened that piece of paper wasn’t worth the ink used to sign it.


In many states, it is illegal for land lords to charge lease break fees given certain criteria. If you live in one of these states, a simple letter from a lawyer will make the fees go away.


Those signs on semi-trucks that say “Stay Back 200ft. Not responsible for broken windows.” Motherfucker, California Vehicle code states only water and chicken feathers can fall from a vehicle. Sweep off your fucking flatbed, shitbag.