(M33) 2 Year Progress Report 176cm 60kg->78,5kg (5’9″ 132LB->173lb)

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Congrats on the amazing progress! I’ve had a similar journey, ie always the “scrawny guy” and boyish rather than manly. I decided at 36 I wanted to get “buff” at least once in my life. I went from 145lbs to 170lbs and look the best I ever have. If you want to move to functional strength, I highly recommend getting some gymnastics rings and starting calisthenics. Everything is much more difficult on rings vs straight bar, and they are incredibly fun. Plus you can learn cool tricks. Keep up the great work!


Congratulations. However, i must ask about your 4th intake. You ate sour cream..with cottage cheese and sugar?


Is it just me or is that insane progress for 2 years? Makes me wonder what the fuck I’m doing haha, you look fantastic.


Your progress is amazing! But pls pls, the medical student in me is screaming to see some green vegetables on your menu. Vitamins and minerals can become a make or break as you age and they perform more as a preventative than a fix once deficient too long.


Holy Fucking Shit !!! That’s like a superhero level body