Meghan says UK royals refused to make her son a prince due to skin colour concerns

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Cant wait for season 15 when the kid will come back after being banished overseas and claim the throne as the true king.


Not true. I was surprised she made such a claim. According to King George V’s letters patent, amended by Queen Elizabeth II, only the children of the sovereign and children of the Prince of Wales or future Prince of Wales (meaning Prince William and his kids) will be entitled to be styled Prince or Princess. The intention was to prevent a bloated royal family. Although Archie is the grandson of the Prince of Wales, Harry is further down the line of succession after the Cambridge children. Therefore Archie did not automatically receive the title of Prince at birth. If you look at William and Harry’s cousins who are all married to white people, none of their children received titles or taxpayer-funded security forces. Nothing to do with skin color.


Having watched the interview, this is not what she said. They are combining two separate topics with this headline.


I’m gonna be honest here, I’m British and have seen many, many photos of the royal couple (do they still count as royal?) but I 100% thought Meghan was white. That’s my mistake and I apologize. Tbh I may be out of touch but I didn’t even realize people were hating on them for any racial reason. Most of the dislike of Meghan I’ve seen has been xenophobia for her being an American, and criticisms for leaving the royal family.


They are out of the main line of succession and living in a country with no official nobility. Why bother making their child a prince?