More Democrats join the effort to kill the filibuster as a way of saving Biden’s agenda.

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Good. Keep the pressure up and we might see it happen.


This must be done to pass the voting rights bill. It’s the most important legislation of Biden’s presidency and cannot be allowed to fail.


Call me a pessimist if you want, but with eight Democrats just voting against a $15 minimum wage, I think this is firmly out of sight.


I think the key is to frame it as “filibuster reform.” Manchin has said quite explicitly that he would never vote to getting rid of the filibuster. But maybe a way to “reform” it, like make those who are filibustering actually speak on the Senate floor, would be more amenable to Manchin.


Fuckin hell with these titles. It’s not “Biden’s agenda”, it’s what needs to be done. Stuffing the rich’s pockets is an agenda. Virus denial and propagation is an agenda. Insurrection is an agenda. Saving democracy is a fucking mission.