Mormon students light up BYU sign in rainbow colors to support equality. The school may expel them. Brigham Young University has denounced the display and said it violated their policies. They weren’t as worried about anti-LGBTQ fliers that appeared on campus though.

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Just a religious private school doing private religious school things. Sad but very common.


I live in Utah… can’t stand that place. Fuck BYU. Built on land they stole from the Timpanooke Indians and funded by a religion that oppresses people that don’t fit their mold. Bullshit.


I looked into going there for a master’s program several years ago, but stopped as soon as I saw all the loony rules they have including (but certainly not limited to) how long men’s hair and sideburns can be. They also forbid students from consuming any alcohol, even off campus, in your own house. They’re all kinds of crazy.


Call yourself a christian? How dare you refuse to hate people for no good reason!


Of course they weren’t worried about the anti-LGBTQ fliers that appeared on campus… *that* wasn’t against their policies.