My research note got published!

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This is my first research note! I am really proud of my work. Tl;DR of the work: I found a bunch of cool galaxies in a galaxy cluster, which will help me understand galaxy and cluster dynamics.


Congratulations!!! 😀 That’s fantastic! Way to contribute to the body of knowledge! As an aside, I think research notes are fantastic and wish the field was not so hesitant about them, because I sure would have appreciated them as an option when I was a student. (For those not in academia, research notes are not peer reviewed like papers, but are to make a note in the record about findings that are still worth sharing even if you don’t want to reach that much higher bar, like student research or a null result. But academia is culturally very conservative and many people are snooty about them.)


I have no idea what you said in your note, but it sounds impressive. Congratulations!! Keep it up!!


When I first “published” I was absolutely extatic. My colleagues were like “dude, why do you care, you’re not being payed for this!”. Which was true, this was a voluntary initiative by the company to get user facing documentation up. Years later, my docs helped propel and leapfrog me professionally. So I say “grats to you!”.


Congrats! As a student in history, I know it’s not exactly the same accomplishment, it’s way harder for you, so bravissimo!!