Nearly 1,000 girls earned the elite rank of Eagle Scout the first time Scouts made girls eligible

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I went through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and also earned Eagle rank, it does take a lot of work, so good on them. It is also a lot of fun, so I’m glad they got to enjoy the programs offered through BSA Scouts. I had great scout leaders, and was briefly a Cub Master myself. There was never any issues with toxicity or sexual assault during any of my experiences in scouting fortunately. I’m sad these disgusting issues have been so rampant in the scouting program. I do hope they’ll repair the damage they’ve done and make the program something that doesn’t have this ugly shadow over it. I think it was a good move to include girls. I hope this can help the scout program turn itself around.


From one Eagle Scout to another, Congrats! This is truly an accomplishment to cherish.


I tried to sign my son up for boy scouts. There were no fathers, all mothers.


Reading through this, the word “scout” and its variations are no longer sounding like real words. What is happening.


As an eagle scout myself, opening up the organization to girls is something that bothers me because our weekly meetings and camping trips were a time that I could really just be myself with some guys. With girls in the troop, I would probably not have been as outgoing and would second guess saying certain things. Edit: To anyone that is not a part of Boy or Girls Scouts, I could care less about your opinion.