New findings suggest that the contemporary anti-vaccine movement — also known as the anti-vaxx movement — is characterized by religious exclusivism. The study found that Christian nationalism was the second best predictor of anti-vaccine attitudes among Americans.

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Race was the 1st best predictor of anti-vaxx sentiment. >Among all predictors of vaccine distrust, the strongest was race, with Black Americans showing a greater opposition to vaccines compared to white Americans.


Hello from Australia, where there hasn’t been a COVID death this year. Lack of education is the problem you guys.


It’s anecdotal but a lot of the people in my social circle who are black or mixed were also super skeptical of Covid being a big issue and were skeptical of masks.


Facebook science is a plague on us all


Ingroup superiority is a dangerous idea. Christians have used the idea that they have special knowledge to build a compelling ingroup narrative that also rejects outside information. This mode of thought is susceptible to conspiracy theories. Lack of education is a symptom of this way of thinking.