News: David Tepper is getting bullish on stocks, believes rising rates are set to stabilize

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This confirms my bias nicely


Hedge fund manager is bullish on stocks. Anyway..


I love all of the hate Tepper is getting because he’s a billionaire hedge fund manager. Look up his story and the fact that his fund is basically only his money. He doesn’t speak often but when he does, his actions are in line with his words. He could very well be wrong. The future is unknowable. But IMO, this is one of the more credible voices to consider.


Of course he is. He bought the dip on Friday. I like buying when CNBC over reacts and tell us to sell when it is to late to sell, or tell us too buy when it is too late. I think they all bought the dip on Friday. More money coming in the market and before we know the rotation to growth has happened…I bought the dip Friday.


Clearly stocks are always attractive to billionaires but I must say I agree. I think the sell off in Treasuries and consequently the high yields will stabilize as it becomes attractive to foreign funds and investors. As for Amazon, it has been trading sideways and down since July of last year while its earnings are surely increasing. It’a PE is in line with its average as well so not an overvalued play when it comes to Amazon. Stocks are definitely attractive but I wouldn’t put all my cash into them, I am still holding cash and buying good valued stocks and trimming some speculative long term holds.