On International Women’s Day🌷Meet Sub Inspector Ms. Rekha Mishra of Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Mumbai, India who won the Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2017 for rescuing more than 950+ destitute, missing, kidnapped & runaway children from various railway stations in the last few years.❤️

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Modern day superhero


A life worth living. My heart goes out in gratitude 🙏


Over 950 by 1 officer. Can you even imagine if we rest of the place also did their job honestly there will be no more kidnappings. But that’s a hell of a lot of big number how the heck can they do such a thing with so many people around how is it even possible that people don’t notice because people are everywhere you go.


That is badass! Those are so many people she helped 👏🏼


She’s lived a life worth living. My hearty congratulations to her. If the rest of her people did their job as honestly as her, there’d be no more kidnappings.