Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour won’t hurt businesses. My company is proof.

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The fact that the rich power brokers in the United States cannot agree to pay citizens what amounts to something below even a decent living wage tells me that, by and large, rich people are a bunch of greedy assholes. They will deserve whatever pitchforks come for them.


It will hurt SOME small businesses. Let’s be realistic. It’s still worth doing, though, in the long run.


At some point you have to realize that the Republican Party is built on straight up lies aimed at oppressing the working class.


The issue is businesses in poor rural counties. Of course rich cities with high median wages can support $15 an hour. I wish we could have an honest discussion of this. There’s counties so poor the median wage is less than $15/hr, they literally and mathematically don’t have the wealth to support this. A $15 minimum wage will destroy these areas and people act like they don’t exist.


Tell me if this timeline sounds familiar. “You can’t make slavery illegal! We will all go bankrupt and our plantations will dry up! These people don’t deserve money for what they do, we already feed them and house them!” “You can’t make there be a minimum wage. How will our business compete and survive! This is unconstitutional! These people don’t deserve to be paid this much money for the work they provide!” “15 dollars an hour?? Everyone will go bankrupt and no businesses will survive! These people don’t deserve that much money for the job they do!”