Rev. William J. Barber II: Democrats who dumped the $15 wage must be held accountable

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Even if they voted for it, wasn’t the plan for it to be phased in by 2025? I mean this is ridiculous, it’s already way far behind. In just the last 5 years, $15.00 now requires $16.47 today to be comparable to 5 years ago. Every year they drag their feet on this is stupid and making income inequality and the production-wage diversion much much worse. Minimum wages should not be tied to policy but tied to inflation. This is insanity.


Anyone who opposes this should be shamed into voting for it. Start with letting the entire nation knowing their net worth.Then let the nation know how much they receive from lobbyists. Then let everyone know not only that they didn’t vote for it but how many times have they opposed items that would lift people out of poverty. Personally I would rather have a higher rate of pay starting at minimum wage than a 1 time check.


This is why the GOP wins. They don’t blame themselves and give up when The Democrats block them.


I completely support $15 min wage. They did not have the votes for it. So it was keep the $15 min wage and entire bill falls or drop it and it passes. It’s another battle for another time. Put the blame where it belongs. On the corrupt GOP. Focus on increasing majority in house and get more Senate seats next year and then real change can happen.


Along with all of the Republicans, as they all opposed the $15 wage.