Scientists identify over 140,000 virus species in the human gut, half of which are new to science, in a new study spanning 28 countries in 6 continents, opening up new research avenues for understanding how viruses living in the gut, and bacteriophages that infect gut bacteria, affect human health.

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As someone that’s suffered with IBS for the past 20 years I hope this leads to more effective treatment some day.


It’s amazing how little we know about gut microbiota. I’m really keen to see how we can come up with better treatments for IBS and IBD


And, hopefully, the understanding of how prolonged use of antibiotics can wipe out portions/species of the gut bacteria; potentially leading to many issues.


this is awesome!!! apparently mental health is heavily affected by gut bacteria so this could also be a revolution in psychology and psychiatry !


Microbiologist here with ties to microbiome research. Most microbiome/virome research is still in its infancy. The questions we’re able to answer are still mostly in the realm of “what viruses and bacteria are present?” rather than “what do these viruses and bacteria do?” Studies like the one in this post are incredibly important and lay the foundation for future research which may have more direct implications for future health. However, in the opinion of many in the discipline, understanding the gut microbiome to the point where we can manipulate it to better human health is a long way off.