Something totally hit me last night…

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By that logic, I suppose Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard, David Koresh, Joseph Smith, et al. were all divine since they all acquired masses of followers and their preachings got a bunch of people killed.


I’d say that people are willing to do pretty extreme stuff for whatever gives them purpose. It is scary to think about. We are easily manipulated and a good speaker can amass a large following in a short span of time. That is why teaching proper critical thinking skills is so important


This apologetic argument never made sense to me–every religion/cult/movement has had their die-hard adherents, a substantial fraction of whom would risk bodily harm or death for the cause. What does that prove? All such movements are real and are headed by divine leaders?


Devout people were willing to die for their religion on 9/11 too. That act doesn’t prove the religion to be true.


You are not wrong, the analogy drawn between Qanon bullshit and Christian bullshit has large parts that are quite informative.