Study suggests wearing a face mask during intense exercise is safe for healthy people

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I saw people at the gym wearing masks and extra weight as part of their cardio long before the pandemic.


Due to covid I discovered that running with a mask on made it possible for me to run in the cold without triggering my asthma as the cold usually does. Typically below 25f I stop running outside, this year I’ve made it all winter. The mask seems to hold in enough moisture my upper airways don’t dry out and get irritated


Of course it’s “safe” it just sucks because it is harder.


12 people? 12. Its hilarious how certain posts in here critique studies even if the sample group is x100 this number, yet for some 12 is enough.


in the 90s i used to run. i’m in the northeast US and it gets cold up in here. all of us runners would routinely wear masks to avoid ill effects of breathing cold air i also kickbox. you have to wear a mouthpiece doing that so you don’t chip your teeth/break your jaw. mouthpieces obstruct breathing as well so the recommendation is to always train wearing them to get used to them. in addition … about 10ish years ago devices that deliberately restricted your breathing were in vogue for people doing combat sports. the idea was to allow you to work thru the panic of being short of breath. i laugh at all the people who tell me i’m “ruining my immune system” by “rebreathing my own CO2” … and there have been so many