Suspected cancer, no health insurance. I make less than 10k a year with 2 children and I don’t qualify for medicaid or the marketplace.

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Have your boyfriend double-check his insurance. My work’s insurance allows you to enroll a domestic partner, so you can be living together, unmarried, and still be on my insurance. Maybe his does the same.


I know you’ve said (multiple times) that you can’t get married, but honestly whatever the reasons are you should really see if you can get around them somehow. If you’re worried about finances, sign a prenup. If one of you is already married and separated from their spouse, finish the paperwork for a proper divorce. If you’re worried about friends and family, don’t tell them. There has to be *some* way to get married.


That’s correct, your boyfriend’s income is not countable towards your eligibility because you’re not married but he would still be included on the application due to being part of your children’s household. And you have to include the children, since they are part of your household. Medicaid doesn’t count unrelated adults’ income towards each other’s eligibility. Which state are you in? Do you file taxes and claim either of the children?


Are the reasons that you can’t get married of greater consequence and importance than 1) going into overwhelming medical debt leading to bankruptcy in your 20s, and/or 2) severe illness and potentially death? This sub almost *never* recommends getting married for financial reasons. As a matter of fact, having been an active member of the sub for several years across different accounts, this is the only post I can recall where it’s been the unanimous advice. You came here asking for advice. The solution is to do whatever you can to get around the “issues” to get married, even if it’s just on paper. If your boyfriend cares about you, he should be willing to help you overcome these obstacles given that your future health and finances are on the line here. I can see you don’t like the advice, but it is what it is. This is the overwhelmingly best course of action for you. Also, not to beat a dead horse here, but it’s pretty unusual for there to be a comparative “silver bullet” to the problems presented on this sub. I would strongly re-evaluate what ever “reasons” you think there are holding you back from a marriage, even if it’s a sham.