Switzerland Approves Ban On Face Coverings In Public

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“The law doesn’t apply to face coverings worn for health reasons”


Ok… Muslim women aren’t gonna just remove their face coverings, they’re gonna just stay at home forever then. Congrats, I guess


swiss here, some info: The ban has exceptions for security, health, climate and culture. So e.g. scarves or Fasnacht (our “version” of Halloween) are exceptions. The people who voted yes did so for very different reasons. For one there were the right anti-foreigners who are just plain against anything different. Those were the ones that created this Initiative. Some voted yes to increase security by forbidding masked demonstrations (even though this should be handled by each canton and not the state). Many cantons already ban this. Some others (political left) voted yes to liberate opressed women. These voters together were enough for a close yes (51.21%). Edit: “culture” has caused some confution. the text said more something like “domestic tradition” (einheimisches Brauchtum) Edit2: carnival would be better suited than “halloween”


Now you’ll be safe from the whopping 100 people who were actually wearing them in Switzerland.


It should also be added that it doesnt apply to face coverings worn for climatic reasons and those worn for “local customs”, which makes this ban even more superfluous