Taiwan’s leader has called on residents to conserve water and prepare for shortages as the island faces worst drought in 56 years

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extremely cool to see that demand for water is increasing for computer chip manufacturers right around the time people are buying computer chips in unprecedented levels to drive crypto mining efforts with enormous power usage that contributes to climate change which in turn… leads to water shortages. very cool!


Living in Taipei. Having all the downsides of a drought and somehow still getting soaked by the rain everyday. Fucking Taipei why did the KMT decide to nation-build in a crappy basin with terrible weather.


RIP anyone who was hoping for the microchip shortage to relax this year.


Speaking as a Cape Town resident, they should take lessons from us on how to pull together to get through a drought crisis. We managed to get through the worst drought in a very long time a couple of years ago, and that was because we all worked together to conserve water.


Perfect timing to expand pineapple production.