Teachers of reddit, What generation did you like teaching most? (80s, 90s, 00s) Why?

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University Prof here – when I started teaching in the early 00’s, students still got even my most obscure *Simpsons* and 80’s film references. By the late 00’s, I had nothing left to reference. By the early 2010’s my kid had reached adolescence, so I had new material, but it really wasn’t mine, and the culture had splintered so much that my *Rick and Morty* references only hit about 30% of the class. Lately I just stopped trying, and became that old, out-of-touch Prof; I lived long enough to become the villain. EDIT: Thank you everyone so much for your words of encouragement and understanding. The response was overwhelming, and very welcome! You’ve made an old Gen-X’er unironically feel feelings, and as those of you in my generation know, that’s an genuine accomplishment. I will start making my references again, if only for that one student who gets them. Cheers and love. ❤️


97 – sarcastic, grungy, smoking more cigarettes, more clique-y and edgy 07 – petty, attention starved, overwhelmed, but much nicer 17 – under so many layers of irony and memes they dont even know who they are anymore or care. there’s no point in being creative or devolving a personality, anything you could think of has already been done.


My mom has been teaching for about 25 years. She says students haven’t changed. Parents have.


I’m still a new teacher, but what I’ve really enjoyed so far is using slang around students. Saying “Yeet” gets a completely different reaction from 10th graders (eye rolls) and 5th graders (glee) and I love either one.


I’m not a teacher, but both my mother and sister are. They stated two big differences. 1) Social Media changed how kids behave. A lot. Way more bullying is done online now and less of it is physically violent. 2) Certain trends don’t really exist anymore. The punk/emo stuff from the 2000’s isn’t present today, but there is a stronger group of Gamer/Internet kids that play Fortnight and use TikTok. Also, there are way more outspokenly gay students.