Ted Cruz keeps comparing Black Lives Matters protests to the Capitol riot. I can’t take it anymore.

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This is exactly the type of false equivalence you get from a group that is not working in fact… the spark that ignited Black Lives Matter was televised police slayings that actually happened in the real world. the spark for the November 6 insurrection was a lie that did not actually happen. The Black Lives Matter protests had as their goal improving and correcting the existing system, the January 6 insurrection by Trump sought to destroy the existing system. The reason why the populist right thinks of Black Lives Matter as terrorists is because they cannot conceive of sharing the country with brown people… To them including others in America is tantamount to destroying it. This is why racists will keep drawing these same false equivalencies…they are working from a lie at the outset.


Tis deflection, Ted Cruz fomented the insurrection


The old Republican tactic of just repeating the same lie over and over until it becomes truth.


Oh, my hateful dad is the same: he says: (and believes) “BLM burnt down entire cities. That’s worse”. Than says well. It’s on FOX.


The fact that Cruz is still a Senator after he supported overturning a fair and free election is apalling. Not to mention all the Cancun bullshit.