The FBI Should Stop Attacking Encryption and Tell Congress About All the Encrypted Phones It’s Already Hacking Into

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> Stop attacking encryption How else are they supposed to thwart events like what happened on January sixth, when they clearly had plenty of warning ahead of time that something was going to go down, and not only did they not beef up security at the capitol at all, but it mysteriously took ~3 hours for help to arrive?


ITs weird since we invented the original way to avoid the government, TOR. The NSA, not the FBI but still. They seemed to grasp a long time ago the important of being able to communicate without being spied on. I get its a bummer bad guys can do so as well but.. thats kinda life especially since the bad guys dont dress in robber suits no matter how many times we put that in cartoons. anyways my big problem is the only people they will ‘catch’ will be low level criminals.. drug deals and such. Encryption is basically a math problem and you cant undo math. High level crooks will roll their own.


How do you explain this to someone who probably has no idea how to even use a Computer? The better idea would be show all the Senate Staffers all the stuff they have hacked, they are the ones who really need to know. Not a 70 year old Senator who has never sent a text message or tweet in their lives.


unfortunately the fbi/nsa/etc don’t actually care what congress or anyone else thinks they should or shouldn’t do.


What’s the point if you had weeks ahead of the capitol hill terrorist attack with unencrypted information being shared about said terrorist attack, maybe the problem isn’t encryption but a useless FBI?