The Moon Has a Comet-Like Tail. Every Month It Shoots a Beam Around Earth.

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Gonna sell bottles of Moon Salts. Good for repelling full moon crazies, wearwolves, and periods. And for seasoning bland dishes I guess


If the sodium ionised when it interacts with our atmosphere could we bounce a shortwave radio signal off it?


SO thats why we get extra salty around the new moon.


I am reminded of the insane, temporary sodium “atmosphere” that is created around Mercury at times. MESSENGER scientists claim it would be visible! And then there’s that sick glow from sodium-vapour streetlights on another filthy planet I know…


Serious question for OP with no offense intended. I’ve seen this posted repeatedly on reddit and every other news aggregate site since it was reported. Why did you post this? Did you not see the numerous repost over the last week? Or did you want to highlight it again to keep it in people’s minds?