The one-third of Americans who have bachelor’s degrees have been living progressively longer for the past 30 years, while the two-thirds without degrees have been dying younger since 2010, according to new research by the Princeton economists who first identified ‘deaths of despair.’

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And here I’m just surprised that only 1/3 of americans have a BA. I thought it was much, much higher than that.


Maybe we should be looking into the eating and lifestyle habits of the wealthy people who can afford bachelor’s degrees compared to the rest of America whole lives in poverty…..


Why are they comparing two different time horizons? 30 years for the group with degrees, and 10 years for the group without degrees. Feels like they have cherry picked durations that prove their point, making the numbers extremely unreliable.


The better your job, the better your health insurance. Just another huge flaw in our system


We have to live long enough to pay off our student loan debt