The Power Of Nightmares Part 1 Adam Curtis BBC (2004) – Suggests a parallel between the rise of Islamism in the Arab world and neoconservatism in the United States, and their mutual need, argues Curtis, to create the myth of a dangerous enemy to gain support. [00:59:30]

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A timeless strategy repackaged for a modern world. Any type of -ism has the potential to be – and likely has been – weaponised. Fear is easy, fear is primal. You get people hyped up on “The Other”, make vague promises of alleviating their distress, and make them believe the only way to salvation is X. Then you slowly take everything tangible and intangible away from them and they’ll love you for it.


Curtis’ latest series ” Can’t get you out of my head.” Is just as poignant and on point, some of his best work and completely on form. He pretty much invented / made the ” video – essay ” format cool and interesting, and the endless number of YouTubers that emulate the style probably owe him some money 😂


“But then, something interesting happened”


Adam Curtis, amazing content always


Prob my fav doc by my prob fav doc maker. This and The Century of Self pretty much explain everything.