The U.S. GPD is $20 trillion and Jeff Bezos is worth $200 billion. He is the 1%.

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I’m all for putting things in perspective, but this is just not a good comparison. You’re comparing the annual value of a country’s output against a person’s lifetime accumulation of worth. If you insist on an annual comparison, you’d need to compare someone’s year-over-year change in net worth, not their total net worth. So for 2020, a GDP of 20 trillion would be compared vs the increase in net worth of said person during that same 1 year period. Just guessing here but Elon with his meteoric growth in just the last few years would likely be a bigger offender than Bezos if you did a proper comparison as described. Bezos worth also grew much more consistently over decades and was also significantly impacted by owing his ex-wife ~$38 billion when they divorced in 2019.


Total US wealth is ~$112.5 trillion. He has ~0.18% of the wealth in America. Wild.


GDP and net worth are not reasonably comparable. They basically measure different things.


He isn’t the 1%.. Hes the .1%.


We poor 😎, i sure am.