These Texas chains will still require masks once the state’s mandate is lifted

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Why didn’t they just say “Texas chains saw masks occur.”


The hostility between frontline retail workers and entitled Karen’s is about to heat up again.


“Stores are still allowed to have and enforce their own covid precautions” is a concept that many people will not understand.


This is all a **distraction** from Texas’s government’s failings during during the ‘Unprecedented’ winter storm, that oddly enough was a repeat of a storm just a decade ago… * Blame AOC and the “Green New Deal”. But no GND legislation has passed. Shit that didn’t work… * Blame wind power. But Sweden has over 10% of its power from wind? Shit that didn’t work… * Blame ERCOT. Well that seems to be working, but people are starting to notice that we set up ERCOT. Shit… * I know, we’ll change the conversation by doing something equally dumb. Let’s lift the CDC recommended mask mandate. And it’s working.


I’m a Texan. Went out today in a shopping center and did not see a single person who wasn’t wearing a mask. As soon as I clocked in at work there was an email from our director saying all employees and clients must where a mask or leave the building.