Third Stimulus Update: Democrats ‘Will Not Stop’ Until They Pass $15 Minimum Wage, Recurring Payments to Americans, Sen. Ed Markey Says

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I used to question the logic of a $15/hour federal minimum wage. Then a local fast food burger chain here in Austin did it on their own. They paid for it by raising prices by a mere 2%. If that’s really all it takes, I’m all for it.


Tell that to the 8 Dems who voted against it.


Better end the filibuster then


Recurring payments huh..seems like the perfect opportunity to do that was the one bill that can’t be fillibustered


I’m here like, I wish Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income could have become a reality. We should just call these recurring payments what it is. If we truly get to a universal basic income, it can be offset by reducing welfare programs since the money people receive would get them off food stamps, etc. Not sure why everyone laughed Yang out of the presidential race. Too young? Too Asian-American? Too smart? Not controversial enough?