Three anti-coup protesters were shot dead in Myanmar on Monday as demonstrators across the country sought to paralyze the economy with strike action following a weekend of night raids and arrests

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While it remains to be seen whether or not Myanmar protesters will be able to restore democracy, it’s clear by this point that the military wasn’t expecting this level of resistance, they’re threatening to fire civil servants who’re striking and trying to arrest protest leaders like they’re playing whack-a-mole*. They probably thought returning to military rule would be as easy as maintaining it up until 2011, but it turns out, when people have a whole decade to see that democracy is both possible and vastly preferable to living under someone’s boot, they’re a lot less cooperative. ~An afterthought to the whack-a-mole analogy, it seems (I don’t want to claim any special insight, I’m reading the same news articles everyone else is) like the military is trying to approach the protests like another army, i.e., expecting it to depend on a chain of command with experienced leaders and crumble without them. Sure, some protesters are more influential than others (journalists, union leaders, etc.), there are tens of thousands of citizens who don’t need structured leadership to leave their jobs and take to the streets. They’re approaching the situation like it’s being orchestrated by a smaller number of activists and organizers, when the reality is that a decent chunk of the country has decided that democracy isn’t going quietly.


These people have so much courage, I don’t think I would have the strength to do it.


I wonder if this “soldiers” ever think that they are destroying their own country just to serve a few greedy pigs in power. Do they have families too? or they just enlist brain dead psycopaths?


I’ve posted this before but… while I don’t know much about Myanmar, I have read how much the military there has stolen and how much of the economy they control. Fortunes in the billions are at stake — they’re not going to back down, at all.


CBC radio aired a really chilling interview with a protestor as military were knocking on doors looking for protestors. These people are unbelievably brave and fighting for their freedom.