TIL Bowie lured unknown Stevie Ray Vaughn to play on his ’83 album “Let’s Dance” by dangling an opening act on tour. However, after recording, Vaughn was relegated to backup musician and wouldn’t be allowed to talk about his music. So, he quit, released “Texas Flood”, and became a superstar instead.

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Sadly Bowie has a long history of mistreating his touring musicians. His band nearly quit during the Ziggy Stardust tour when they found out they were making less than most venues’ tech crew.


Gentleman of the American South here. SRV was hardy “unknown” prior to Let’s Dance.


Shortly after Texas Flood was released, a buddy of mine dragged me down to a (mostly) country-western bar in Stone Mountain, GA to see SRV and Double Trouble. I had my elbows on the stage, dead center, the entire night. SRV’s guitar was about 3 feet from my face most of that time. I’ve seen hundreds of shows… that one was in the Top Five.


SRV is the goat. Gone too soon


>They talked for a while, and then Stevie said that Bowie asked him if he wanted to cut some tracks in New York for his new record and maybe join his band for a world tour. That’s from the second quote of the article, right near the beginning. Doesn’t exactly sound like he *lured* him or *dangled* an opening act.