TIL in 1913, John D. Rockefeller was worth $900 million, or 3% of the entire GDP of the United States that year. His fortune was worth a modern equivalent of $418 billion.

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Boy oh boy, wait till you find out what his descendants have been up to


What happened to that wealth?


I still like the story where Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant, sent Rockefeller a bottle of scotch as a congratulation, knowing he was a Baptist that couldn’t drink. Early 1900s troll.


Junior had it tough…being interrogated by the senate as Gerald R. Ford’s pick for VP: Senator: What is your net worth? JDR: I don’t know. Senator: I beg your pardon? JDR: I have no idea. Senator: What do you mean? How can you have no idea? JDR: I mean that I have no idea; there’s enough money that my household bills are paid, including my staff and all my taxes, and I know I have enough to live on, even if I do so regardless of how extravagant it might be. Senator: Can you give us an estimate within a few…million dollars? JDR: If you give me 90 days I can get an approximation as of a specific date. Senator: It’ll take that long? JDR: I could go for a much more specific amount with more time, but no one in my family has ever been asked that question.


An interesting thought experiment: would you trade places with him if you could? Even with all that money there was no internet, no modern entertainment other than books and plays, and flying by plane was still extremely young even when he died, so you would have a hard time traveling. While he was rich, healthcare and medicine were limited by the technology and knowledge if their time. Would you trade places?