TIL in 1991 it was discovered that the heart has its “little brain” or “intrinsic cardiac nervous system.” This “heart brain” is composed of approximately 40,000 neurons that are alike neurons in the brain, meaning that the heart has its own nervous system.

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I feel like they are slowly going to discover this about all organs.


Perhaps rather than seeing this as the heart has its own brain or the gut has its own brain, we should consider that perhaps the brain is spread throughout the entire body and just more concentrated in the head.


Starting your paper by saying “The heart is considered the source of emotions, desire, and wisdom. Therefore, the aim of this article was to review the available evidence about the role of the heart in pain modulation.” doesn’t evoke confidence


Yes, it helps regulate the heartbeat. Your stomach also has neural cells. They help regulate automatic digestive processes


The title (badly) re-words the same idea a couple of times, cementing the idea that what the title says is still true if stated another way. It also seems to redundantly express the same idea more than once redundantly, meaning the title could be considered redundant.