TIL in 2014, the Indian government employed 40 people to impersonate monkeys, to scare off real monkeys causing havoc around the parliament in Delhi. The men made screeching noises similar to those of black-faced langur monkeys, imitating their whoops and barks, to frighten red-faced macaque monkeys

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See this is why I hang out with gibbons


Did it work? Also, why am I not seeing video of these men impersonating monkeys? That is the real crime.


>Macaque monkeys are considered sacred by Hindus, who often feed them, encouraging them to remain… >Delhi’s civic authorities were earlier using real langurs to keep monkeys away from the parliament complex. >But the practice had to be abandoned after protests from animal rights activists and a court order that keeping monkeys in captivity was cruel.


They returned to monke


This has got to be the best booth at the career fair.