TIL on the day he was assassinated by revolutionary nihilists, Alexander II of Russia had signed a ukaz establishing elected positions for commoners in the Tsardom. This edict was immediately dissolved by his son, who went on to consolidate and expand the Tsar’s power in Russia.

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Seeing real historical facts coming from the History channel is so foreign to me at this point.


And after Alexander III died he too was succeeded by his son, Tsar Nicholas II, who historically had a bit of trouble managing all that power


History is full of missed opportunities for good people to take charge, unfortunately. There’s a similar story with the German Empire, the successor of Wilhelm I was Frederick III, who had very liberal leaning and was supposdely planning to turn Germany into a constitutional monarchy closer to the British model. Unfortunately he was suffering from Throat cancer and died 3 months into his reign. He was succeeded by his son, who was absolutely not of the same mindset, and a mediocre ruler. Hard to predict what Europe would have looked like with a democratic Germany at the turn of the century…


these men are nihilists, There’s nothing to be afraid of- oops


Pretty proactive nihilists