TIL that the Hershey Ice Cream Company is a completely separate entity from the Hershey Chocolate Company, despite both being founded in Lancaster County in the same year by unrelated men named Hershey.

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Both companies use a pretty similar blocky font too. Not surprising to see that they have had a bunch of lawsuits with each other over the years.


What an interesting fact. I had never looked into it and just assumed it was the same company. Thanks for posting this!


Fun Fact, Herr’s potato chips. They only exist because of Hersheys, they gifted/loan the money to start up Herr’s potato chips. Next time you go to chick fil a and they include waffle potato chips, if you like them you can buy the waffle fries from the store. Both are made by Herr’s just different packaging.


TIL there’s a hershey’s ice cream company


Huh, here I always thought Hershey’s Chocolate was named for the town, since they have a headquarters there.