TIL that the stick — a small tree branch — was inducted into the (U.S.) National Toy Hall of Fame in 2008. Organizers called it one of the world’s oldest toys and said sticks “promote free play — the freedom to invent and discover.”

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In elementary recess, the boys and I would go back to the seedy part of the school where all the big trees were. There, we recreated Lord of the Rings, Saving Private Ryan, etc. all with sticks. I will always let my kids play with sticks as their creativity blooms with each iteration of play.


I’ve been to this museum. It’s in my hometown (Rochester). Super nostalgic. I would definitely recommend going if you ever find yourself for some reason in Rochester.


When I was younger, friends and I would always find sticks that look like guns and run through the woods killing the invisible bad guys.


What’s brown and sticky? A stick.


Ngl I kinda want to post this on r/Stormlight_Archive