Top Florida Democrat calls on FBI to investigate DeSantis over vaccine distribution

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Is there even a law about this? The SCOTUS ruled pretty recently that corruption itself isn’t illegal.


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she the *only* elected florida democrat? Incredible how a state within a couple percent of turning blue is such an ass-backwards red shithole.


As a floridian who works in retail. I also wouldn’t mind him being investigated… some of us should have gotten our vaccines by now, and we can’t for some reason…


Have a feeling DeSantis will be the republican candidate in 2024


How about calling on the FBI to investigate DeSantis on stifling accurate covid information to the public? Or going after a whistleblower that just wanted to help people? Or, I don’t know, for the thousands of fucking deaths he has on his watch that could have been prevented. This piece of shit intentionally withheld information that caused deaths. He has blood on his hands ffs.