Trump Has Now Officially Lost All Of His Postelection Challenges In The Supreme Court

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But hasn’t stopped him and his ilk from perpetuating the BIG LIE… 🙁


If Trump could still Tweet: >Big win for your favorite president in the Supreme Court today! The Libs are crying!


The biggest loser.


He lost to ‘sleepy’ joe Biden by, in his own definition, a landslide. He was the worst president in living history. Guilty of treason, if he doesn’t get prosecuted it will rank with the o j simpson trial. He caused the death of at least five people and yet he has not issued one word of condolence. Just a tissue of lies which the world knows as they witnessed his actions on live world television


Many people are saying that Trump is a loser. That nobody has ever lost as bigly as Trump has lost. When people think of the name “TRUMP”, they think “WEAK, DISGUSTING, LOSER.” He is a loser because the American people fired him, like a dog. One thing is clear, though. Obama is and always will be much, much, better than Trump.