Two-thirds of tropical rainforest destroyed or degraded globally, NGO says

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You will literally need to take down world governments for any of this to change


So much for all those “save the rainforest” campaigns I remember from the 90s growing up.


once biodiversity is gone it cannot be restored (in time units relevant to humankind). its absence makes life on the planet incredibly vulnerable to external my opinion it will mark the slow decline of humanity until extinction. another 100 years maybe 500 years? of existence. in the end it won’t matter, since the groundwork for the the decline has been laid here and now. I also don’t think humanity has any capability to change the outcome at this point. Its inherent in our nature to only take action when disaster has already struck. But the large iceberg of disaster will be invisible for a long time and of course we will mingle and meddle to restore/artifically recreate what has been million/billion years in the making, but ultimately we will fail imho.


I’m in my mid 20’s and I just wanna naively believe again that humanity has the whole universe to look forward to, and that my descendants might be able to walk on Mars, or even titan. No fucking wonder there’s so much nihilism and depression, it’s very likely that I’ll get to witness the beginning of extinction before I die, and to me that’s depressing as fuck and makes everything I do in my life right now feel pointless.


We can’t even stop destroying each other, and we even enjoy it, so how can we even begin to care about the environment?