U.S. lawmakers introducing bill to give USPS $6 billion for EV delivery vehicles

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Let’s get rid of DeJoy first and set up the criminal case against him. Guy clearly was abusing his authority to harm an essential service Americans use.


1. Mail routes with stop and go are nearly ideal for EVs compared to ICE. 2. With gas approaching $4/gallon, EVs are cheaper to operate – even using peak electric rates. (The existing trucks get around 9Mpg!) 3. The USPS has substantial real estate for parking their trucks which could be covered with solar panels – making them even cheaper per mile. 4. Building the new trucks, installing the charging infrastructure and installing solar all create jobs. And all of this is before you consider any environmental impact.


Massive fleets like this will realize the benefit of EV like no gas, lower maintenance costs and longer life span. I’ve read its harder for the average consumer to feel the benefits of EV. ​ Edit – deleted words to reduce redundancy


And repealing the stupid prefunding mandate?


We need to replace the federal property (sorting machines) that DeJoy willfully destroyed to illegally manipulate the election.