UK economy will never return to pre-Covid pattern, says Bank governor

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Correction: they don’t want it to We saw small companies and family business fail while largest business and tech companies succeeded, and now that they’re winning economically, the logical political decision is to side with them. I wish this article would go more into what they mean by “ pre-pandemic pattern” though, but I mean it’s the guardian so what can you really expect




With Brexit and part of the financial services moving out of the UK yes, it will be hard for the economy to return to pre-covid pattern


The economy may not return precisely to its pre covid-19 form, but within a year or two the economy will be a close mirror of 2019. The Guardian has its own political agenda and has always been very downbeat about UK small business successes. In reality covid 19 has hammered large companies as well as small organisations. eg. Rolls Royce, BA, most car manufacturers, most breweries, hotel groups and travel groups. All large companies and all struggling. Most will take time to recover. Smaller more agile busineses will bounce back more quickly.


Consolidation of business in many sectors could be a problem going for a monopoly or duopoly. Less competition, both positive competing and negative-destructive competing. As well as less incentive to innovate at multiple levels or reward risky progress. On the other hand, tech developments have also made things like starting food trucks easier, even if restaurant space is harder, though permits are an issue at times.