Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade of Africans (2015) – [01:20:21]

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“Fun” fact: Almost every race on the planet, if not ALL of them, have had slaves/have been slaves throughout the last 2000 years in one way or another. We STILL have people who are slaves in certain parts of the world, granted it is not on the same level as it used to be (which is obviously a good thing). * Vikings had thralls. * Muslims had slaves. * Christians had slaves. * The Romans had slaves. * People in the Middle-East had slaves from multiple continents. * Europeans had slaves. * Various countries in Asia had slaves. * etc. The fact that this is not taught in every single class room is absurd; especially in the US.


Only a small percentage of slaves came to Colonial America. The majority went to the Caribbean and Latin America.


Africans have been slaves to MANY different nations. (That’s not to say that no other “race” has been slaves) Even Cherokees had black slaves… and Chinese had black slaves. And Latin America had black slaves. It’s so sad how this happened and why people are so messed up….


According to all the “scholars” here on Reddit, America was the only country that had slaves.


O no no no no. White people are the only ones who had slaves