US health agency will invest $1 billion to investigate ‘long COVID’

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I think the biggest mistake of the government is not pushing this narrative. The anti maskers see the death rates and don’t care. Not many people know about the long term harm this is doing. Having heart, lung, and neurological damage for life is much more terrifying than death.


Can we just call it long term effects of Covid instead of “long” Covid? It feels like we are just hashtagging medical terms.


Thank god! I’m tired of sleeping twice as much and having a memory like an etch-a-sketch.


1 Billion to investigate is chump change to be honest. Scientific research is stupid expensive.


We know that Covid and other Corona Virus’s are able to rapidly replicate when there is an inhibition on the p53 gene; SV40, a common, yet rarely discussed viral disease, causes an inhibition of the p53 gene. Why aren’t we investigating the broader effects Polyomavirus’s are having on the human immune system with regards to affects they are having on other viral disease like Corona and Influenza?