We Already Got Rid of the Filibuster Once Before | The House used to have a filibuster too. And when legislators got rid of it, the result was a more democratic, productive institution.

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>Perhaps this is the most important lesson a 130-year-old parliamentary battle holds for lawmakers in 2021: If we end the Senate filibuster, our forebears are unlikely to find themselves longing for its return. If anything, they’ll be surprised that such a bizarre and anti-democratic practice was allowed to hold back progress for so long. Just do it already.


Pull the trigger on the talking filibuster now, before Manchin changes his mind. It will be much harder for Sinema to oppose when she is standing alone.


I ask again, WHY NOT USE AN OLD SCHOOL FILILBUSTER! ​ I seriously don’t mind if someone is trying to hold up a vote on something if they’re actaully willing to stand and talk for days on end.


People don’t make appeals to tradition and authority because they have valid positions. Quite the opposite.


Yeah but the Senate is antidemocratic by design.