We May Be One Election From Permanent Minority Rule

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You mean a dictatorship.


The people who attacked the capitol (and the 80% of Republicans who are okay with that) haven’t gone anywhere. The Biden Administration may be our Weimar Republic. We shouldn’t get comfortable at all.


Dems pass HR1 or we’re fucked challenge


>In dozens of states, **with little media scrutiny or public debate**, the GOP is introducing bills with the express intent of rigging elections, disempowering voters and setting itself up for minority rule. Emphasis mine, and this is what needs to change *right now*. Every bill, every attempt at screwing more citizens out of their right to vote, needs to be one of (if not) *the* center news right now.


The article lays out a list of ideas how to stop this, such as eliminating the filibuster and making overseas territories into states, but I can’t help think there is something missing, something to reinforce these efforts when dealing with people who think that cancel culture is everywhere in academia and the Green New Deal is responsible for the Texas power outages.