Weinstein (2018) – Examines the elaborate ways Harvey Weinstein and those around him tried to silence his accusers. [00:54:47]

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It’s absolutely insane that rich people can just hire intelligence firms to work for them. I mean it didn’t help harvey in his criminal proceedings but think of how many rich people do use them to successfully discredit and silence people.


Pretty sure victims should be used over the word accusers.


If only his mother was the queen….


I remember the Non-Disparagement Agreement Miramax legal sent around to employees early 2000s. We agreed not do disparage any of the Weinstein’s “Friends, family and associates.” I told HR and legal I would need a list of the Weinstein’s “friends family and associates” in order to sign. Weeks later the head of legal called me because I was the only one not to sign. I told him “This agreement is completely unenforceable.” He replied “Then why don’t you sign it and keep your job.” I signed and stayed a few more years.


What would you say to young women who are trying to make it in Hollywood? If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party at the 4 seasons… don’t go!